The Good, the Bad and the really really UGLY

THE UGLY:  After being down for the last ten days with mono graciously gifted to me by my #2 child I had the privilege of floating in and out of consciousness and watching all day marathons of NCIS.  Not that watching Mark Harmon 16 hours a day isn’t a gift, because………well it is wonderful gift.  It’s the freaking stupid, I do mean ugly stupid commercials that we also have to endure to get the luxury.  On a majority of commercials I pay zero attention but, there are the cute ones that grab my attention and make me laugh.  The commercials that fry my nerves the most seem to all come from Liberty Mutual Insurance.  You’ve seen them.  They drop giant pianos on top of a car.  A tree crashes across the center, a boat dock and a Ferryboat crushes one, an A/C unit drops on one……you get my point.  In each and every one of these commercials, 3 or 4 fairly new to new cars get destroyed.  Considering I have been searching for a newer car this year and was floored at the prices, I find it offensive that an insurance company can total  over a hundred thousand dollars worth of usable products (Including the items destroyed to destroy) simply to make a commercial flies all over me.  How in the world can they claim they will save us money if it takes millions upon millions to tell us?  The commercial for Nationwide now features Julia Robert’s voice.  Do we really need to pay one of the highest paid actresses in the world to use her voice to tell us we can save money?  Shoot, I’d do it for a year’s worth of premiums and a bag of Hershey Special Dark Nuggets with Almonds.  Bet she gets paid a heck of a lot more than that.  WE pay for those commercials through higher insurance rates.  Needless to say I’ll stick with who I use because I have yet to see such a ridiculous commercial.  And yes, if it puts one out like that, I’ll find another.  I’m sure there are those of you with equal irks about commercials (or insurance companies).  I’d love to hear them.

THE BAD:  As much as I love my children they can stay the heck away from me when they are sick.  I haven’t been sick with ANYTHING in 10 years.  I even refused a flu shot because of it.  I haven’t contracted the flu but, they have brought everything else home.  I’ve had a severe cold 4 times, 2 cases of walking pneumonia, some gastrointestinal infection from #3 and now Mono.  All this year.  I wonder if I tell them none of them are the beneficiary of the will or life insurance policies if they’d quit trying to kill me.  I don’t know what happened to the school system this year but, whatever it was…………..they need to keep it not share it.  I remember why I hated being sick, vividly.  This was my first case of mono, ever.  Being older and with weakened immune system already, it is taking me 5 times longer to get well than #2.  She slept for two days and you’d never know anything was wrong unless you looked at her wild Medusa style hair-do.  I’m very happy she is so resilient.  I wouldn’t wish this stuff on anyone (Well, maybe the mean chic in class in High School).  Doesn’t make me any less jealous though.  The upside?  I didn’t have wear make-up, do my hair, prepare meals, clean house or babysit neighbor kids.  I actually got to take a shower without someone poking their head in the shower too.  Always a silver lining in everything.

THE GOOD:  Now that I’m through bellyaching, I’m going to tell you something you might want to try.  It was the first thing I could eat and keep down (Not that it would have been their fault if I hadn’t)  Marie Calendar’s Chicken Teriyaki Steamer Bowl.  Wow is that some good stuff.  It is a healthy portion (I’m stuffed) and only 280 calories.  There are chicken chunks, tender carrots, crisp water chestnuts, firm broccoli and moist rice with a wonderful teriyaki sauce that is truly good.  The sauce is in the bottom of the unit and the food sits in a steam tray sealed completely with a clear plastic mylar sort of material.  It takes 3.5 minutes to microwave and you’d never know it was ever a frozen dinner.  You pour the steamer bowl into the teriyaki sauce and stir.  A definite four yum dinner.  What would have made it a five?  A bit more rice.  And that is my personal preference.

A BONUS GOOD ; )  I have been reading a lot since getting out of bed wasn’t an option and there were only so many NCIS marathons.  I read several books and I highly recommend

ZANE by Nicole Edwards five winks

DEVOTION  by Nicole Edwards five winks (Actually all books by Nicole are great start at the beginning of the series so that you follow the characters)

The ROCK MY series by Michelle A. Valentine (WOW and five winks)

SAVOR YOU by Emily Snow  (The books stand alone but, read her work in order also to follow the characters, great author)

TRY ME, TEMPT ME, TAKE ME, SHARE ME, TOUCH ME, TIE ME series by Olivia Cunning the first three come in an Anthology on Kindle to save money.  VERY worth reading.

And the SINNERS ON TOUR series…….also by Olivia Cunnings.  She has a wonderful voice for writing bad boy rock star meets his match books….love them.

And if you want to laugh your butt off and I mean rolling on the floor, panty wetting, people staring at you like you’re crazy laughing,  read  WALLBANGER by Alice Clayton  my ribs still hurt.

SILKEN PREY by John Sandford.  This is like the 23 or something in the series but, you can read each one separately.  However the entire PREY series is wonderful writing.  Not to mention Mark Harmon starred in Certain Prey based on the tenth book in the series.

I read many more books but, I’m exhausted now so I’ll check back with you all later.



My first blog. Kind of like taking my first step.

     My name is Elayne Tucker and I’m the mother of six.  I am proud to say that to date none of them have threatened to bomb the school, place thumbtacks in the teachers seat, set off the fire alarm or is a bully.  That being said, I’m not saying they wouldn’t.  They are good at subterfuge, scheming and manipulation.  I’m good at seeing through their bull.  They have often accused me of being a stealth ninja and having eyes in the back of my head.  But, then don’t most mothers?  I have heard conversations not intended for my ears and seen actions and behaviors not intended for my eyes.  I absolutely love the deer in the headlights look.  It is almost better than sex…….maybe better, it’s been way too long to compare.  There is a wives tale floating around for as long as I can remember that states if it has been more than 7 years since having sex, the woman is a virgin again.  I would officially have my virgin card back if this were true.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot to try to explain to a potential lover?  Can  you just hear it?  Yeah, I have six children but, so what, I’m a virgin.  I suppose that would be a rather awkward conversation.  I’ll be telling you about my attempts at online dating next.  I’ve gone on three dates with three different men.  It went from bad to horrible to oh my God run and run now.  I did.